Are you finding yourself spending too much time on paperwork and not enough time on your business?   You don’t really need an employee but you could use office help?   What you need is a Virtual Assistant.


Advantages to using a Virtual Assistant (VA)

  • No Benefits to pay
  • No Payroll taxes
  • No sick days, holidays or vacation days
  • Reduces your overhead
  • You pay only for the time a VA spends working with your business


What is a Virtual Assistant and how can one help you?

Virtual Assistants (VA’s) are independent contractors who perform a wide range of administrative and business services. A VA is not an employee but rather a partner in business.   Communicating by phone, fax, email, and other technologies,

VA’s support their clients’ needs, without having to ever step foot inside the clients’ office. Partnering with a VA can give you more time to work your business, reduce stress, and save money.


How can a VA help you?

  • Data Entry
  • Data Research
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Customer Service
  • eBay Listings
  • Amazon Listings

This is only a few of the ways a VA could help you become more productive in your business.